About Us

Exposing businesses... and immediately connecting the world to them!

Who Are We?

We are an unusual team comprised of a web-developer and a lawyer. Given our diverse academic backgrounds, we always enjoy getting together and brainstorming. Our ideas tend to be fun, innovative and varied, providing more than one solution to one question or issue at hand. We have been brainstorming over MyHurryApp since 2017, hanging out on a weekly basis and devising an innovative mobile application which tends to fill up the void and overcome the limitations which so far consumers face whenever they require an urgent service. We’ve noticed how people flood social media as they look for a service provider to help out on an urgent basis. Although many people try to help, we could not help but observe certain flaws in this existing system:

  • either hundreds of comments each proposing their own preferred service provider, however this would in practice mean having to contact each service provider one by one to see if he or she can help out (how different is this from browsing an online or paper directory?), or else
  • people who think it is funny to recommend a friend of theirs as a prank (therefore, a consumer would typically get in touch with someone who cannot actually help out since he or she does not really provide that service), or else
  • a service provider who is genuinely recommended however he or she cannot actually provide the service on that day (hence the consumer would have wasted time trying to contact a service provider who cannot actually help out), or else
  • a consumer who urgently needs a system, does not get prompt or timely response to his or her request, simply because no service provider was on social media at the time...

The list is endless. As a result, we’ve come up with an innovative mobile application, which allows consumers the possibility to get in touch directly with service providers i.e. if one needs a hairdresser, one can simply press the “Send request to all” button so that all hairdressers listed on our database receive a real-time notification with details regarding this request for service. Additionally, any such hairdresser who can truly help out, only needs to accept this job request so that the consumer will receive a real-time notification back, informing the consumer that a hairdresser is available to help out. MyHurryApp is really easy to use as well as practical, facilitating the communication channels between consumers and service providers, as well as saving time and promoting efficiency. Moreover, MyHurryApp boasts many other fantastic benefits and functionalities such as a map, appointments tab, favourites tab and the possibility to discover last-minute availabilities or special offers. Consumers can even be directly notified through a real-time notification whenever a hard-to-come-by appointment is up for grabs!

Our Mission

Exposing businesses... and immediately connecting the World to them!

Why Choose Us?

We believe the reasons explored above are enough reasons to choose us. However to encourage you even further, we want you to know that MyHurryApp is the only app which boasts all these functionalities. It is also free for all consumers and very affordable for all service providers who are looking for the ideal pick-me-up to expose their business further. We understand that service providers do not always have time to keep up-to-date with all social media requests for their service. Hence a real-time notification which service providers directly receive on their mobile phone can facilitate their ability to keep up with consumer requests, as well as aid consumers find a service provider in a jiffy!

This App...

  • Helps App Users and Service Providers find each other
    One click is all it takes...
  • Promotes efficiency
    Although one can reach out to all relevant Service Providers, only those who can actually provide the job will get in touch.
  • Saves time
    No need to browse endless online or paper directories to find a Service Provider. Moreover, the Service Providers who have a last-minute availability no longer need to call their clients to fill it up. With just one click they can also get in touch with a large database of App Users.
  • Exposes businesses and offers
    Business exposure has never been quicker and cheaper. Marketing and promotion is also quick and hassle-free.
  • Is good value for money!
    App Users use the app for free. Service Providers can be exposed to a vast database of consumers at a very competitive rate.

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