Our Privacy Policy

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Last Updated: 17 May 2019

Thank you for taking your time to view and accept our privacy policy (the “Policy”).


Our sole interest is to facilitate the acceptance and booking of a Service Provider (by allowing an exchange of requests, information, and, or messages between you through the Platform) to provide you with a Service (for definitions of terms used such as User, Service Provider, Service, Platform, etc. you may want to look at our Terms & Conditions which you would must accept prior to using the Platform). As we do this, we do our best to ensure that all your data is protected.


We will now explain who processes your data as well as what data we need and how we use it and how we share it with third parties (please note we never sell any of your data and we make sure to implement any procedures as necessary to prevent any unauthorised access, and, or misuse of any of your data).


Who processes your data


We, MBC Byte Code located in Malta, Europe, are responsible for the processing of any of your data relative to this Platform. Please be aware that we might share all your data with any other entity which would or could form part of our same corporate group we form part of, in order to be able to provide you with the service you have signed up for. Moreover, if MBC Byte Code is subject of any business transfer, such as a sale or merger with any another reputable entity or company, your data would be transferred to the other company as necessary, in order to be able to continue providing you with the service you have signed up for.


What data we need


From our end, we request as minimal data about you and from you as possible.


To begin with, we would not have any of your data unless you directly and willingly provide it to us. When you create and register a User account with us, you provide us with your name, surname, address, mobile phone number, date of birth, email address and a profile picture.


Your address is needed since you will receive a membership card in due course via mail. If your account is a Service Provider account we may send your membership card to your business address if your personal address is incomplete.


Your mobile phone number is needed so that we may send you the activation code via SMS so that you can activate your account and log in.


Your date of birth is needed because we cannot allow a User account registration unless you provide us with the details indicated hereinabove in this paragraph. As indicated in our Terms and Conditions, only persons 16 years or over can register to use the Platform. We are nonetheless not responsible if anyone younger than 16 years is making use of our Platform, in breach of our Terms & Conditions. From our end, if we become aware that any person younger than 16 years is / has been using our Platform, we would make sure that all information about that person as well as their User account is deleted. We also ask any User or Service Provider who becomes aware that anyone younger than 16 years is / has been using the Platform to get in touch with us to let us know.


Your email address is needed because you need to use it to log in.

Your profile picture is any image you choose to upload which does not need to be a personal photo. You may also not upload a profile picture.


As we obtain your registration details, we do our best to make sure that as little as possible information about you is made available to other Users or Service Providers. In this regard, please note as follows:


  • When you send a notification of a request for Service, the Service Providers can see your request, name and your profile picture;
  • When you message a Service Provider through the Platform Inbox view, it can see your message, name, surname and profile picture;
  • When a Service Provider communicates with you through the Request Details chat functionality, it can see your name, your profile picture and any message you send back;
  • When you submit a Review Rating, your name, surname, profile picture, Review Rating and any applicable comment submitted, can be seen by Users as well as Service Providers;
  • When you ask for recommendations regarding a Service, your query, name, surname and profile picture can be seen by Users as well as Service Providers;
  • When you recommend a Service Provider or place a comment, your recommendation as well as your name, surname and profile picture can be seen by Users as well as Service Providers;
  • When you sell an item on the Market Place, you select the Display Name to be shown which can be your name, surname or username on the Platform. If you chat with a User, they can see your name.


Besides the above information which is automatically shared with the Service Providers (or with the Users) as indicated above, you may decide to share more information with any of the Service Providers (such as more details, photos, etc. pertaining to your request). The Service Provider may also be required to ask you to provide an address where the Service might need to be provided and this may be your home address as well as other details. We are not responsible for any details you pass on the Service Provider. However, if you feel that you are being asked for certain details which you do not deem necessary to be given to the Service Provider, you may feel free to get in touch with us to let us know.


Please be informed that any information you choose to share with any of Service Providers as indicated above or publicly on the Platform, such as when you submit a Review Rating or ask for recommendations, or when you recommend Service Providers, is not private information. We have no control on such information you would have made public yourself and we do not assume any responsibility in this regard.


Apart from the information we request from you and which you directly and willingly provide us with, please be further aware that the Platform may access your phone so as to discover your location for the sole purpose of showing you the Service Providers nearest to you. This will only take place if you allow the Platform to access your location services. If you do not opt to provide us with your location via the Platform, the Platform will show you all the Service Providers (not only the ones nearby) and this may result in more data usage as well as a slower Platform performance.


The Platform may also access your phone gallery and phone camera so that you may be able to upload your profile picture or an image when asking other Users for recommendations. Once again, we can only do this if you allow the Platform to access your gallery or phone camera.


We only recommend the above-indicated instances of access to your phone so that you get a better service or experience from us, however this is definitely not mandatory and entirely up to you.


The Platform can also be synched to your phone calendar so that any appointments booked through MyHurryApp are available on your phone calendar. Once again this is definitely not mandatory and entirely up to you.


How we use your data


First of all, as indicated above, we use your data so that you can use our Platform through which (amongst others) we can assist you to book a Service Provider in the shortest time possible and to opt to benefit from last minute availabilities or special offers promoted by our Service Providers.


We also use your data to help manage any bookings you would have placed through the Platform and to verify any claims as necessary (such as having to access any of your data or any correspondence you would have been part of if we are informed that you have been harassing any Service Provider).


For your own and personal records, the Platform also keeps note of the Service Providers you would have recently viewed and the bookings you would have placed through the Platform. These records are only accessible to you and us.


We may also use your data for legal marketing activities, where we may use your contact details to keep you informed of any news relating to the Platform or promote any competition or new service as well as ask for your feedback in order to improve the efficiency and performance of the Platform. You can of course (any time!) decide to opt out and unsubscribe from our mailing list.


We may additionally use your contact details as we may need to communicate with you at times.


We may also refer to your data for authentication purposes, if we have any doubts as to whether you are using the Platform or anyone else is using the Platform on your behalf and without your authorisation. In this regard, and to ensure that you are indeed using the Platform, we may need to ask you for further data which can confirm your identity.


Finally, if we are lawfully requested by any court, tribunal or authority to provide any information such as to settle any disputes which would have arisen as a result of your use of the Platform as well as to defend our rights as necessary, we might have to provide any of your data to such court, tribunal or authority, including any communication exchange you would have been involved in.


As a result, therefore, our use of your data is necessary either for the due performance of the service we offer you, or for the improvement of our service (including our legitimate commercial business interest, such as promoting our new services to you), or for the prevention of any fraud or improper use of the Platform, or else for the necessary and full compliance with any obligations arising out of law. We will maintain this data for as long as we reasonably deem fit to maintain it in order for you to be able to make use of our services, for improvement of our services, for the prevention of fraud or improper use of the Platform as well as to comply with the necessary laws, subject to this Policy.


How we share your data with third parties


At times, we must share your data with third parties.


First of all, we need to share this with the Service Provider. This has already been explained above.


We also have third-party service providers who provide a service to us and who we must involve in order to give you a fully-functional and efficient Platform. We try to keep this to a minimum however for any services which we need to outsource, we would need to transfer certain data as necessary.


In order to register for a User account, you may need to receive an activation code via SMS. In order for you to receive that activation code from our third-party service provider, we would have passed on your mobile phone number to the relevant third-party service provider, but no further data is passed on.


When using the Platform, you would receive a number of notifications. In order for you to receive those push notifications which make possible your use of the Platform, we would have passed on your name to another of our third-party service providers.


Lastly, our database is stored with a third-party hosting service provider. As a result, the transmission of data as described in this Policy may also include overseas transmission of data to countries where the data protection laws differ from those of the member states of the European Union. We shall only transfer data to third-party service providers who adopt sufficient and suitable data protection measures.




Although we do not exclude the possibility that any communications between any of the users registered with this Platform, that is any Users or any Service Providers, may be traceable from our systems or records (as well as blockable if we deem any communication to be in violation of this Policy or our Terms & Conditions), we disclaim any liability or responsibility for any communication by or with the Service Provider on or through the Platform. We also disclaim any liability or responsibility of any communication with the Service Provider which you may have outside the Platform such as through private email correspondence or phone correspondence. Although your chosen account password is encrypted, it is your sole responsibility to ensure that the password chosen and created is a strong password. You must never share your password with anyone else, nor allow them access to your User account. We are not liable if anyone access your account. Although we shall at all times use great care and reasonable skill to protect you and other Users and your data, we are not liable for any data loss whatsoever which may occur from time to time, such as if our systems are hacked. Additionally, please always consider any privacy policies drafted by any of the Service Providers you are interested in accepting and booking through our Platform. Please bear in mind that any transmission of data via the Internet is not 100% secure. Moreover, any data you transmit to the Service Providers voluntarily through the Platform is at your own risk.




You control the data we have and the data we use.


To begin with, you can at any time review your data we have.


You can also ask us to make any changes as necessary to your data, such as by correcting or updating the present data we may have.


You also have a right to request us to remove or erase certain data we have (this may of course affect your usage of the Platform) and you can ask us to provide the data you have given us to a third party.


We invite you to feel free at any time to get in touch with us to ask any questions you may have regarding this Policy or our commitment to protecting your data. Please be informed that in terms of this Policy we have a right to decline any request of yours which may jeopardize any other User’s (including Service Provider) privacy.


Moreover, if you feel you aggrieved, you always have the right to lodge a complaint with the competent authority.


Kindly bear in mind that this Policy may be amended from time to time. We recommend that you regularly check the Policy to be aware of any updates effected to it (we will indicate when the Policy would have last been updated). If you continue to use our Platform after we would have reviewed the Policy, then we understand that you are in agreement with our Policy. However, please rest assured that should we make any substantial changes to the Policy, we would directly notify you with them.


Unfortunately, if you do not agree with the contents of the Policy, then we ask you to not to use our Platform. If you use our Platform, we understand that you are in agreement with our Policy (including our use and processing of your data), and we are very happy that you are!